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How To – Pair a Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone

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How To – Pair a Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone

Here’s how to pair a bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and download the phonebook contacts. Simply follow the prompts and the system guides you.

  1. Ensure that the vehicle ignition and radio are ON and that your vehicle is in Park (P).
  2. Press the phone icon to enter the PHONE MENU. SYNC will attempt to connect and the radio diespaly will indicate that no phone is paired. 
  3. Press OK. ADD DEVICES will appear in the radio display. (NOTE: Press the UP/DOWN ARROW repeatedly if ADD DEVICES does not first appear in the radio display.)
  4. Press OK to confirm your selection and enter the ADD DEVICES MENU.
  5. When FIND SYNC appears in the radio display, press OK. Follow the instructions in your cellular phone’s user guide to put your phone into Bluetooth discovery mode. A six-digit PIN provided by SYNC.
  6. When prompted on your phone’s display, enter the six-digit PIN provided by SYNC.
  7. The radio display will read CONNECTED when the paring process is successful.
  8. SYNC will ask you if you’d like to set this phone as your Primary. If you want this phone to be the Primary phone, press OK.
  9. If your phone supports phonebook and call-history downloading via Bluetooth, you may download the phonebook to SYNC at this time, or exit Pairing Your Phone. DOWNLOAD PHONEBOOK? will display. Press OK. You can choose to download your phonebook by pressing OK when YES displays.
  10. Alternate choice if you do not wish to download your phonebook or call history: press ARROWS until NO appears, then press OK.NOTE: this is a phone-dependent feature. For phones unable to download or not compatible for phonebook download, contacts may be added manually.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This scetion is a guide to SYNC functions for non-navigation vehicles. Navigation System instructions can be found in the Navigation System section of this site.


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March 28, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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