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SYNC System for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

How To Use Business Search

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Business Search is a feature of Traffic, Directions and Information that allows you to say the name of a business or business category and hear the search results in your vehicle.

Business Search is like 411 from your vehicle. Look up a business and then you can call them, get turn-by-turn directions or send a text message to yourself with the info. With Business Search, you can find a specific business like your favorite coffee shop or search by category like “Coffee.” You can also search for a business nearby by saying “Search near me”.

Business Search provides you with the following:

  • The telephone number and the ability to call the business hands-free using the voice command, “Connect me”
  • Turn-by-Turn directions to the business
  • An aptional text message* with a link to a mapped location to the business
  1. Connect using either voice cfommands or the phone menu
  2. When promted, say “Business search” or “What are my choices?”
  3. Follow the voice promts to find a business by name, category or nearest
  4. When finding a business, simply say “Driving directions,” Text me the info” or “Connect me.”

*NOTE: Standard phone and text-message rates may apply.


Written by drivevalley

April 2, 2010 at 10:08 pm

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