How To Use SYNC

SYNC System for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

How To Personalize Favorites

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SYNC Services allows you to manager Favorites with an active acount on You can set up Favorites for easy access to your personalized information for sports, news and weather. Setting up Favorites allows you to simply say “Favoriets” from the Services menu to access all of your Favorites. Here’s how:


  1. Click on MANAGE FAVORITES from the “SYNC Services” tab on
  2. Select “Add Sports Favorites,” “Add News Favorites”, or “Add Weather Favorites.”
  3. For Sports, select a special team or sports.
  4. For News, select from a range of categories, including “Top Stories,” “Business,” “Technology,” “Entertainment,” or “Sports Update.”
  5. For Weather, select a specific city, state or ZIP such as “New York. NY” “Brooklyn, NY” or “48103.”
  6. You may Reorder, Add or Delete any Favorites to manage your services.

NOTE: The following sprots require team names along with the sports category when setting Favorites on College Football; College Hockey, Men’s College Basketball; Professional Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey; Women’s College Basketball and Women’s Professional Basketball.


Written by drivevalley

April 2, 2010 at 9:37 pm

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