How To Use SYNC

SYNC System for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury


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Since its introduction in the fall of 2007, SYNC© has become one of the most exciting technologies in the Ford and Lincoln Mercury lineups. SYNC has been praised by customers, car experts and techies alike. It’s an exclusive, fully integrated, voice-activated communications and entertainment system that has revolutionized the mobile connection capabilites customers now expect from their vehicles. One of the things that makes SYNC so compelling is the ongoing ability to offers customers exciting new features each model year. 911 Assist™ and Vehicle Health Report (VHR) have increased the functionality of SYNC, as well as the value of the system. And, later in 2009, SYNC with Traffic, Directions and Information will connect custoemrs with a suite of services all at the tim of the tounge.

Important Facts:

First, SYNC is secure. no one else can access phonebooks or hack into the system. Also, when SYNC plays music through the Vehicle’s audio system, it does not transfer the actual music files. Instead, it streams the music directly from the device, which is made possible by a procedure called indexing. So there’s no file copying involved.

As you learn about the system, keep in mind there are a number of different radio configurations for SYNC controls. While you see a common example on this site and ebook,  keep in mind that, although the position of buttons may vary from vehicle to vehicle, the procedure will usually be similar. For more information about using the buttons on the steering wheel, see the Owner’s Guide of your vehicle.


Written by drivevalley

March 28, 2010 at 9:23 pm

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