How To Use SYNC

SYNC System for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

How 911 Assist Works

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  1. The vehicle’s ignition system must be ON and the SYNC system must have electrical power to it and be fully operational.
  2. A paired mobile phone must be ON in the vehicle and Bluetooth-connected with SYNC. SYNC will briefly display the name of the mobile phone after connecting to it and display a warning message if 911 Assist is set to OFF.
  3. If the above conditions are met, 911 Assist will activate if a vehicle airbag deploys or, on certain vehicles, if the emergence fuel pump shut-off is triggered.
  4. SYNC announces it will initiate a 911 call and gives the vehicle occupants a chance to cancel the call if it is unwanted.
  5. Vehicle occupants may cancel the call by pressing and holding the PHONE button on the steering wheel or dash, or by confirming a Cancel message on vehicles equipped with navigation. Otherwise, SYNC assists the vehicle occupants in calling 911 using the Bluetooth®-paired and connected mobile phone.
  6. Shortly after the 911 call is successfully made, SYNC plays a prerecorded announcement to the 911 Operator that a vehicle has been in a crash.
  7. After playing the announcement, SYNC opens the SYNC microphone and vehicle audio system so occupants can directly communicate hands-free with the 911 Operator.
  8. If on-site help is required and no occupant is able to provide vehicle location, the 911 Operator can, in some cases, determine the vehicle’s location by way of the mobile phone’s GPS (if equipped), or mobile phone signal triangulation.

NOTE: if the Primary paired phone is not present or the phone SYNC was connected to prior to the even is not operational, SYNC will automatically attempt to connect with another phone that has been paired with that vehicle’s SYNC system.


Written by drivevalley

April 2, 2010 at 7:06 pm

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